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Project Staffing is our core Contract Talent service enhanced with additional features. Project Staffing addresses specific issues most important to our clients. We provide a cost-effective solution, in a fast time frame, accounting for maximum flexibility, while allowing our client to maintain control of the project. ProTech becomes responsible for the total recruitment, screening, interview and placement of all consultants on the project while the client maintains the day-to-day project management responsibilities.


Our process for identifying potential projects that suit a Project Staffing model includes identifying the following:

  • Do you have all of the necessary skills and resources in your current staff?
  • Do you have a tight deadline for project completion?
  • Do you have more requests than your employee staff can handle?
  • Are you looking for a single point of contact for managing a group of people?


The answers to these questions determine if a Project Staffing approach is appropriate. Benefits to implementing a Project Staffing approach include:

  • A highly skilled, scalable project team
  • Quality control through a one vendor approach
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Cost-effectiveness via blended and/or discounted rates
  • Consolidated reports and billing


Time saving methodologies and incentive programs are utilized to ensure deadlines are met and to retain staff.


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