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Full IT Outsourcing

  • ProTech's Fully Outsourced IT Operations services provide for a complete IT solution for your company's ongoing IT operations.
  • Customized Outsourcing Solution to meet Business Needs
  • Use of Monitoring and Management Tools for Efficiency
  • Utilization of ProTech Network Operations Center
  • Optional Re-Badging of IT Staff
  • Leadership and Guidance as Virtual CIO
  • Benefits of Outsourcing
  • Cost containment
  • Opertaional Efficiences
  • Technology Enhancements
  • Best Practices
  • Focus on Innovation and Excellence
  • Problem Resolution
  • Disaster Prevention
  • Crisis Management
  • Sharper focus on Core Business
  • Success through Partnership and Customer Satisfaction
  • Communication
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Definability and Measurability
  • Delivery and Quality
  • Scalability
  • Predictability
  • Competency and Staffing


Case Study - Full IT Outsourcing
When a large national company was looking to extract their IT from IBM, they turned to ProTech to handle both the infrastructure extraction as well as their IT outsourcing. With the utilization of the ProTech Managed Services, ProTech now provides complete IT oursourcing for over 750 endpoints in 70 locations across the United States.


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"We outsource all of our IT needs through ProTech, which for a Small Business has allowed us to maintain significant cost savings in overhead without sacrificing developmental and infrastructure improvements. More importantly, we have a specialized and comprehensive team of professionals, with extensive knowledge that we can truly trust and depend on, at our disposal. ProTech was recommended to us from the beginning, and have been an irreplaceable extension of our company ever since."
Chris McNally, Memphis Reprographics